Tim Goldstein's Tips & Tricks for Indoor Duration

This page contains various techniques and items that I have found to make building indoor models easier. As far as I know these are discoveries I have made on my own.

Container to Soak Balsa Strips and Sheets: 
I always had a problem finding a container that would hold a full 18" indoor balsa sheet so I could soak it to form a motor stick. Ditto for all the little 18" & 24" strips that form the stab, wingtips, and prop outline. I finally found the perfect container! 

Trico brand automotive windshield wiper blades come packaged in a molded plastic box that snaps together. If you cut the front off the package the back portion is the perfect balsa soaking container. It is 1.5" X .5" X 24". 

Pliers for Forming Wire and Adjusting Wire Prop Bearings: 
I have found a type of pliers that is used in the jewelry trade that works great for bending circular shapes into .032" or smaller music wire. The are tremendous for adjusting the rear post of a wire prop bearing without putting any stress on the glue joint. 

The pliers are generally called forming pliers and have one jaw which is a circular shape and the other jaw is a matching crescent shape like O). The curvature goes from a very tight bend at the tip to a more gentle bend at the base of the jaws. I purchased mine at a jewelry show from a vendor that specializes in tools for the jewelry trade.